Why Your Roof is Leaking in the Winter

Why Your Roof is Leaking in the Winter

New England just experienced one of the heaviest snowstorms in years. And depending on where you live in Massachusetts, some residents experienced snow as high as 15 inches! As the next couple of days or week begins to calm down, it is important to know that your roof needs to be prepared for complicated issues such as snow, ice, and sleet. Here are some of the most common roof problems that may be causing a leak and what to do about them.


Roof Leaks Can Be Caused By:


Ice Dams


If you have a sloped roof,  ice dams can be a big problem if not properly maintained. When snow sets from a snowstorm it begins to build-up and stack on your roof. It is one of the common roof and gutter issues that homeowners need to be aware of to prevent future damages. Contact your local professional to inspect your roof foundation for longevity. 


Poor Job With Attic Insulation


If your roof is leaking, but ice dams do not cause it, then the issue can be located inside your home from poor attic insulation, which can allow too much heat to escape and causes extra condensation to your attic. If water droplets are collected in the attic, it can cause wood beams to rot slowly and welcomes mold to grow around the surface.


Clogged Gutters


The foundation of your roof that drives water away from your home. Gutters serve an important role when it comes to elements. Gutters should be properly cleaned twice a year to fully maximizes their use. Failing to do so can be clogged by leaves, dirt, and other debris, forcing any water to back up from the gutters and into the roof, causing water to drip or leak from the ceiling. 


Contact Your Local Roofers


If you suspect roof problems in your house, some tasks should not be handled by yourself, contact Jancon Exteriors to evaluate the issue, and have this fixed right away! For more information about roof replacement, call for a free consultation at 508-520-3935