Why You Should Replace Your Siding in the Winter

house covered in snow

Why You Should Replace Your Siding in the Winter

Weather is dropping; the temperature fluctuates from chilly nights to the highest of warm weather; it could only mean one thing, Winter is here. With only a couple of months to go before we wrap up the short year of 2020, homeowners begin to evaluate their home and inspect for things to fix before it gets too cold. One of the biggest worries we often see is homeowners fearing to replace their siding because they are concerned about being exposed to the elements. This cannot be far from the truth. Here are the benefits of replacing your siding this winter.


Landscape Free During Winter

During the warmer months, homeowners are putting in their landscapes, which can be challenging for contractors to tread carefully and not squash bushes or flowers. However, in the winter season, plants will die, making it easier to be more cautious and install the siding properly. 


Retaining Heat Inside of Your Home

If you feel a draft coming through the windows, this is an early sign of your energy bills to increase during the winter due to warm air escaping your home. Instead of replacing your siding in the Spring, you could save more money now and for the future than installing later, making this a massive benefit of replacing your siding now. 


Minimum Waiting Time 

Unlike other seasons where there is a constant high demand for contractors to fix your home exterior, the wintertime is typically calmer as homeowners are more focused on staying at home. Schedule your job now, and have your project wrapped up before Christmas!


Will Increase Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal

If you plan on selling your home in the future, new siding can increase your property value. Not only that, your home will look aesthetically appealing, making your home appearance look great during the holiday season! Be mindful of the type of materials you use as certain materials can become brittle and lose their value and purpose. 


Why Hire Jancon Exteriors?

The team at Jancon Exteriors is always ready to take on any projects throughout the season. There are no small or large jobs in our company. Your home protection is our commitment and priority, so schedule your free consultation today and let’s see how we can help and save your bills in the winter.