Why You Should Never Go Cheap With Your Roof

Close Up on Broken Roof Shingles

Why You Should Never Go Cheap With Your Roof

Our home’s roof is continually tasked with the challenging task of protecting the interior from the impacts of the elements. Roofs must be solidly constructed, seamless, and made of superior, high-performance materials because they are frequently exposed to temperature and humidity changes, frequently covered with snow, rain, and sleet, and are susceptible to ongoing UV deterioration. For all of these reasons, choosing the cheapest roofing quote is never a good idea. When paying for the installation of brand-new roofing or needing emergency repairs for roof leaks, it would be best if you always sought roofers with adequate insurance, strong supplier ties, legal license, and a commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. Find out why by reading on.

Roof Repairs from Uninsured Contractors Can Be Expensive

One of the first and most crucial steps in recruiting is ensuring a roofing company has enough general liability insurance. Without this insurance, hiring a roofer could cost you a small sum. You can be stuck with the tab if a hired worker is injured while fixing your roof leaks or another issue and falls from the roof or a ladder. Roofers must have current general liability insurance, and these policies must also have enough coverage limits to cover potential losses. This coverage should provide around $1 million and $5 million in protection, depending on the size of the roofing staff and the scope of the work. Many reputable roofing firms also contract errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. These policies shield homeowners from losses or damages brought on by negligence. All roofing issues that arise due to mistakes or oversights committed during the work process will be covered by E&O.

Why ‘Roofers’ Who Lack Licenses and Insurance Charge Less

Although estimates can be inexpensive for fixing your roof leaks or installing new roofing, there are valid reasons why some roofers charge significantly less than the industry standard. Sadly, roofers who are unqualified or unprepared for these jobs frequently provide the lowest quotes in this industry. These service providers have not gone through the proper channels to gain professional licensure; as a result, they often lack the necessary training mandated by the sector and the capacity to pass critical competency assessments.

Supplier Relationships and High-Quality Materials.

Licensed roofers who carry sufficient insurance unquestionably have savings to contribute. Jancon Exteriors has built solid, lasting partnerships with the top roofing suppliers thanks to our extensive industry experience. As a result, we can find top-rated GAF roofing materials and other top-notch roofing goods for our projects. GAF roofs and similar products are necessary for building sturdy, long-lasting roofing systems that withstand the test of time. These products also significantly increase the value, marketability, and aesthetic appeal of the homes we serve.