Why Type Of Replacement Window Should I Choose?

Why Type Of Replacement Window Should I Choose?

As a homeowner, you have options when it comes to the material that you want for your windows. Generally, the three options are vinyl, wood and metal. Vinyl & wood are two of the more popular options used in residential homes and there are many different brands and manufacturers that make these windows. Before you start choosing a manufacturer and type of window you need to know what material your new window are going to be.


  • Vinyl is the most popular window options nowadays because they are the most affordable, require less maintenance and they come in a plethora of styles.
  • A few window style options include double hung, casement, bay, slider, garden and more!
  • Jancon Exteriors offers Harvey vinyl windows that are custom-sized to fit any opening you have.
  • Most style are much easier to clean


  • If you are looking for an authentic look and feel, wood windows may be up your ally.
  • Wood windows are also available in many of the same styles that vinyl is.
  • Wood windows do require a little more maintenance whether it be cleaning or painting.Wood windows do have more customization because they can be painted or staid. Vinyl windows can come in many different colors and finishes to match your homes decor, but they just cant be painted.

For more information about the pros and cons of vinyl or wood windows, please feel free to reach out. Jancon Exteriors Inc. can be contacted over the phone at 508-520-3935 or through our online contact form.