Why Fall is the Best Season to Replace Your Home Siding

house with leaves in front yard

Why Fall is the Best Season to Replace Your Home Siding

It may come as a surprise for everyone but Fall is already here. It’s been a quick transition for most of us as we start to prepare for the colder season. While any season is a good time to install new siding, the Fall has the most benefits as its optimum temperature of around 50-65F makes most manufacturers and natural materials easier to install and avoid any expansion or contraction because of the ambient weather. Here are other examples of why other seasons may not be the perfect time to install the home siding. 

Installing Home Siding During Winter

Massachusetts is known for its long Winter seasons. Vinyl siding in the cold can be brittle which makes installation difficult especially if the temperature is lower than 40 degrees. You could potentially risk siding to crack which would be wasted material. It may be challenging but it’s not impossible, we recommend being mindful of the temperature to avoid longer completion time. 

Installing Home Siding During Spring

Spring season can be an ideal time to install home siding but the consistent rain we receive in Massachusetts and those spontaneous heat rise can be cause trap moisture in between the siding which in result turns to mold growth. If not treated properly can slowly deteriorate the siding life span without you knowing from the outside. Sticking to consistent weather will help you plan ahead when installing new siding during Spring. 

Installing Home Siding During Summer

Although heat does not melt vinyl siding it does soften the material which makes it less efficient when it comes to siding installation. Having said this, it’s also the busiest time for contractors so you will need to book them in advance during Spring if Summer is the best time for you. 

At Jancon Exteriors, we take precautions with our siding services no matter what the weather conditions are, however, it is best to plan ahead of time before making a big decision as a home investment can be expensive. To learn more about home siding please get in touch with our specialists at 508-520-3935.