When To Repair Your Roof, And When To Replace It

When To Repair Your Roof, And When To Replace It

Any roof work is a costly inconvenience for homeowners, so many try to avoid full roof replacements for as long as they can. Eventually, however, your roof will need replacing. That being said, it is important to know when your roof is on its last legs, and when repairing it is just not going to cut it anymore.

If you start noticing problems with your roof, you will want to call your local experts in roofing in Mansfield, MA immediately. Problems such as wind-damaged shingles or minor sealant cracks can generally be addressed with a few simple repairs. However, your roofer may suggest a full replacement if the damage seems systemic or widespread.

There are a number of telltale signs of an inadequate roof. Frequent shingle loss, for instance, is a symptom that the shingles have reached the end of their lifespans and can no longer withstand the demands of the elements. Also leaks or collecting water are signs that your roof is not draining properly. This is usually the result of damaged flashing or broken seals. In order to properly reseal the roof, replacement is necessary.

Roofing in Mansfield, MA takes a beating, especially after the cold New England winters. Be sure to inspect your roof periodically during seasonal shifts to see if any potential damage occurred. If you suspect any, contact your roofing contractors immediately. Neglected roof damage can lead to further drainage, seepage and insulation issues throughout your home.

While the initial investment in a replacement roof can be quite expensive, the benefits that follow more than make up for the cost. Most new roofs have a lifespan of well over 20 years, and will save you thousands in energy cost in that time. Your home will be securely protected from the elements, and you won’t lose heat due to poor insulation. If you think you need new roofing in Mansfield, MA, contact a reputable contractor in the area.