What You Need to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

What You Need to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

What You Need to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year but unsure where to begin? If so, then we have great news. We have written a blog to help you better understand the basics steps for kitchen remodeling. Every year homeowners are constantly in demand of a new kitchen layout, a place where they can show off their cooking skills or host a gathering with their loved ones, and on top of that, it’s one of the best home improvement investments that can add more value to your home. A professionally remodeled kitchen does come with its complications, hire the wrong contractor can cause you more stress than you had anticipated. We’ve prepared easy steps for you to consider when remodeling a kitchen


List your needs and desires.


We get it. Planning the perfect kitchen remodeling project can be exciting but, at the same time, overwhelming. A common mistake we have seen with homeowners is unrealistic expectations. Sometimes the simpler the design, the more impact it creates on the room. Our recommendation is to list out what is essential to your personal needs vs. what do you desire. Conditions should reflect your home behavior, do you enjoy cooking, host gatherings, the kitchen in the center of the house, and the size of the room. Desire should only be included if it fits your budget; fixtures, appliances, and materials can significantly blow past your budget, leaving you a minimum option to build your dream kitchen. 


Prioritize the list


Once you have reviewed your list of needs and desires, the next is to rank them according to their importance (yes, this will be hard!). This should give you an oversight of what is needed and the desires you can afford.


Remodel Process


The time it takes to completely remodel a kitchen can last as long as six months which sounds crazy, right? It depends on the size of the room, what challenges you have to face, or even the type of contractors you hire that can cause the project to delay the process. 


Home Value


A beautifully remodeled kitchen can be a long-term investment for many years where you get to enjoy your dream kitchen however you like if you choose to continue living at your home. However, it can also increase your home value if you decide to sell your property. Either way, a kitchen remodel is worth the investment both short and long term. Contact Jancon Exteriors to bring that project into a reality.