What Window Frame Material Is Right For You?

What Window Frame Material Is Right For You?

Decisions, decisions, decisions � if you�re getting new windows in Mansfield, MA, you�ve got plenty of them to make. Duel pane or triple pane? Low-E glass with a gas fill? Solar controlling coating? The options seem endless. And it doesn�t stop at the glass. One of the biggest decisions you�ll make when selecting windows will be choosing what window frame material is right for you. As you consider your options, here are some points to keep in mind.

Vinyl Frames In general, Vinyl is a cost-effective, versatile option. An energy efficient material, Vinyl is unaffected by harsh weather, ranging from searing heat to snow and frost. The material is customizable and can be molded and colored to fit your home�s design. A low- or no-maintenance option, Vinyl windows resist fading, dirt, stains and scratches. And Vinyl windows can easily replace old fiberglass, aluminum and wood windows.

Fiberglass Frames More expensive than Vinyl, fiberglass still offers a great value. This material offers great insulation against the elements and, even in the wettest of climates, they will not rot. Like Vinyl, fiberglass does not expand or contract due to temperature swings. While you don�t have to paint fiberglass, painting remains an option should you change the color of your house.

Wood Frames Requiring the most maintenance of any of your options, wood windows also are the most expensive. While aesthetically pleasing and effective at insulating, wood frames expand and contract with heat and cold. Also, these windows can rot, warp and buckle, especially in moist climates. Wood windows can last for a long time, though, with regular maintenance, such as painting.

The Verdict All of the window frame materials discussed above have their virtues. However, if you�re looking for new windows in Mansfield, MA, that are low cost, low maintenance, energy efficient and that can stand up to the harsh elements, Vinyl is your best bet.