Top Ways That Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

Large Home Covered in Snow

Top Ways That Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

With the first official day of winter coming to us on December 21st and winter weather being here for much longer, its important to know that this frigid season can impact various aspects of our house. Today, we want to dive into how the winter weather specifically affects your homes roof.

1. Wind Damage:

With nor’easter storms becoming increasingly more common during the winter months, increasing wind conditions becomes more and more common. Loose or old shingles can be blown off during one of these storms.

2. Tree Damage:

Trees that hang over your house become extremely more dangerous during the winter months. With the extra weight from ice and snow, a weak branch can break off and come crashing down on your roof, siding, landscaping or even worse, a person below. Because of this, be sure that you look around your house and make sure no branches are close to your house. If they are, be sure to contact a tree company to trim these branches back.

3. Ice Dams:

When water drips down your roof and freezes right at the edge of your roof, you often “ooo and awe” at it because often icicles form. The fact of the matter is that this build up of ice can lead to a roof damage, gutter damage and water leakage into your house. Often the cause of ice dams comes from poor roof insulation

4. Snow, Ice & Water:

Together, snow, ice and water can work together to destroy your roof. Snow in particular when compounded by a couple storms can put a lot of extra strain on your roof. As the snow freezes, turns to ice and more snow layers on top of your roof, this is when we see roofs collapse in.

For more information about how you can keep your roof safe during the winter months, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 508-520-3935 or through our online contact form.