Top 5 Factors That Determine the Life of Your Roof

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Top 5 Factors That Determine the Life of Your Roof

The roof over your head is of utmost importance. It is the sole difference between a house and a home. You feel safe under your roof and this is the place where you come to rest and recharge. Unfortunately, like most things in life, your roof will also not last forever. But the good news is there would be early signs that would let you know if your roof is running into problems.

Like other parts of your house, the roof is not the easiest or safe part to examine. Therefore, homeowners are usually unaware of the issues that might befall their roofs and they might not have an idea how to take care of them.

Here are some of the major roof issues that you should be aware of in order to gauge the lifespan of your roof:


  1. Bad ventilation

Breathing is as important for your house as it is for you. Circulating air from outside to inside is very important for the overall well-being of any structure, especially a house. If your attic doesn’t have proper ventilation, it will heat up more than usual and this will badly impact the health and life of your roof.


  1. Creatures

Any type of infestation whether it’s bugs or birds can impact the well-being of your roofing system. Some roofing materials are more prone to damage from infestation. You should timely diagnose and treat any roof infestation that you might have.


  1. Poor installation

A poorly installed roof will definitely have a shorter lifespan than a well-installed roof. You should ensure that the roofing contractor you hire is well experienced and licensed. A bad installation job can completely wreck your roofing system.


  1. Trees

Trees are a great asset for any property but if they are hanging over your roof then they are most certainly a cause for concern. Tree branches can break and fall on your roof or they can brush off against the roof and cause structural damage to your roof.


  1. Little to no maintenance

If you haven’t done any maintenance on your roof, there should be no surprise if you find issues with your roof. Like any other part of your home, the roof also needs periodic maintenance such as cleaning and ensuring that roof shingles are in good shape.