Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal During Quarantine

Tips to boost your home's curb appeal

Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal During Quarantine

Summer is finally here, but it’s not exactly how we had imagined it, right? While most of us are indoors staying safe, or working from home, it does not mean we can not work on those home projects we’ve been pushing back since the Winter! If you are unsure where to start, we’ve created some helpful home projects you can begin to improve your home curb appeal. 

Front Door

The entrance door is one of the first things neighbors or potential home buyers notice when inspecting the house. By replacing a new door or giving your front door, a coat of color with paint can reflect your home’s appearance exterior and add warmth to the home’s interior. 

The Driveway

Believe it or not, no matter how pleasant your home exterior may look, having a cracked or messy driveway can ruin your home’s image. When was the last time you gave your driveway a proper clean? Using a pressure washer can remove dirt and bring back that polished looking driveway, it once looked in no time. Notice any minor cracks in your driveway; this can be easily resealed by yourself.  


One of the most common chores homeowners neglect is that washing the windows is an easy fixup that can make your home sparkle and shine, making your home stand out.


Who said boosting your home curb appeal only required during the day? Adding solar-powered pathway garden lights for your lawn, patio, yard, walkway, or deck can really add charm to your house and make it pop at night. 


Does your siding look a little dated or worn out? If so, this project could be perfect for you to bring back its fresh appearance once again. Painting your siding can add extra security from mold and mildew damage and prevent moisture seeping into your house. A great way to make your home more noticeable.


Sagging or leaning fence can make your house look unloved and neglected. Fix those rotten fence posts and structure back the frame of your yard so you can enjoy the outdoor space. 


Even if you fixed up the house, adding some attention to your landscape can really make your home more complete. Fresh mulch on top of old soil, and around the plants can give your landscape a cleaner look. Want to challenge yourself? Add some paving stones to widen your space can maximize your unkempt landscape. 

Get started with some home projects listed, and you will thank yourself in the future when you are too busy working and out of the house again.