The Four Styles Of Hardie Plank

The Four Styles Of Hardie Plank

When you choose to cover your home in Hardie Plank Siding in Franklin, MA then you have a lot of style options. This particular kind of lap siding comes in four main types, and with over a dozen colors to choose from, you can find the right combination no matter what style your home.

Cedar vs. Smooth

If your home has a woodsy or mountain feel, then you’ll want lap siding which mimics wood. The cedar texture available on Hardie Plank looks natural and is soft to the touch. For a coastal or modern look, try the look of simple and smooth lap siding. If your home has striking character in other ways, smooth siding can also keep your exterior from looking too busy.

Standard vs. Beaded

Both the cedar and smooth texture can come in a beaded style; each lap has a thin groove near the bottom which makes each row pop. Add beaded trim to cedar texture for quaint cottage homes bursting with personality. Beaded smooth siding is a stylish way to mix cottage and modern, so don’t be afraid to try this bold look.

Splash on Some Color

Hardie Plank siding in Franklin, MA comes in a variety of colors suitable for many styles. Warm tones settle very nicely on the outside of a traditional rural home evoking the brick charm of times gone by. Yellows and greens feel intrinsically tied to nature, so choosing such lush colors is very suitable for homes nestled under tree cover. Or go clean and elegant with white or pastel, light colors look great on Colonial style houses.

When you have a lot of siding options, you know your home will look unique and beautiful. That’s why Hardie Plank siding in Franklin, MA is a great pick for your home so many options! Whether you choose wood or smooth, beaded or classic, you know you’ll be getting quality color to suit your style.