Siding Designed For Your Region’s Climate

Siding Designed For Your Region’s Climate

It’s a Friday morning and you’re thinking good thoughts about the weekend as you back out of your driveway – only to groan at your unsightly siding. As nice as the interior of your home may be, a shabby exterior can lead you to harbor some pretty hard feelings against your living space. James Hardie siding in Mendon MA is a leading choice for homeowners because of its style and durability; knowing what to look for in new side paneling will help you choose the best product for your home.

Quality You Can Count On

While most panels are made of wood or vinyl, Hardie products are engineered using a combination of fiber and cement. This formula is non-combustible and comes with a 30-year warranty. Weather and rot resistant, the durable panels prevent warping and shrinking, and are impervious to termites. The real woodgrain look and feel of each panel can be easily painted, allowing homeowners to easily change the color of their homes without replacing any materials.

Made for Your Climate

Popular with customers, remodelers and the press, Hardie’s polished panels boast quality and reliability that’s tough to beat. James Hardie siding in Mendon MA is engineered for the local climate, making it the ideal choice for the harsh northeastern winters. While most siding follows a generic formula, the makeup of these products is adjusted based on the weather of the region they’ll be used in. If you want to side a home in another region, simply used your zipcode to find out which product is recommended for your area.

Color Your Dreams

With hues in warms, cools, lights and darks, Hardie siding provides excellence in aesthetics as well as reliable quality. Perhaps you want a neutral, light, or fresh color palette to choose from – not to worry, panels come in these colors too. Working with a contractor who uses these top-rated siding products will help you develop the home of your dreams, starting with a plan for design and finishing with a completed project that exceeds expectations.