Siding Colors to Look Into for 2024

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Siding Colors to Look Into for 2024

Are you planning to give the outside of your house a makeover this year? Changing the color of your siding is one of the most significant transformations you can make. 2024 is already here, so now is an excellent opportunity to research siding color trends to make your house stand out. Many selections are available, ranging from vibrant colors to understated neutrals. Here are a few of the most popular siding colors to choose from for the year 2024.

Earthy Green

Siding colors in earthy green tones are trending, in line with the increasing focus on sustainability and design inspired by nature. Sage green, olive, and moss are soothing, earthy tones that make you feel at home with nature. These hues may give your house a modern makeover and complement a wide range of architectural types.

Ambient Neutrals

Warm neutrals are huge in 2024 for siding, but neutrals are always a good choice. Imagine a palette of warm grays, beiges, and creamy whites. This classic color palette not only makes an excellent base for landscaping and decorative accents, but it also makes a warm and friendly first impression.

Rich Blues

Rich blue siding is a daring and elegant way to transform your home’s exterior. Sleek, versatile, deep navy tones well with contemporary and classic exteriors. This color choice adds personality and depth to your home’s exterior, whether a traditional navy or a more subdued denim blue.

Earthy Browns

In 2024, earthy brown siding hues are all the rage, drawing inspiration from natural materials like stone and wood. These colors, which range from decadent chocolates to warm chestnuts, create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Brown siding is aesthetically pleasing and works with various architectural types, from modern to rustic. You may add trim in similar tones to make it even more eye-catching.

Pastel Colours

Gentle pastel siding colors are a lovely alternative for those who like a more whimsical and attractive style. Soft pinks, soothing blues, and delicate yellows can fill your house with fun and nostalgia. These hues benefit homes in charming cottages, bungalows, or other types.

When choosing siding color, consider architectural style, the scenery around your house, and your taste. The color should also work as intended all day, so it’s a good idea to test samples in various lighting situations.

Siding color updates may revitalize the outside of your house and curb appeal, whether you choose a modern earthy green or a classic warm neutral. With so many choices, you may select the color that best expresses your personality and will be remembered long after 2024. If you are looking to give your home siding a new fresh look consider speaking to the team at Jancon Exteriors!