Side With The Best Of Exterior Siding

Side With The Best Of Exterior Siding

Are you ready to increase your home’s value and enhance its curb appeal? The types, colors, and styles of exterior siding have steadily improved since vinyl siding was developed in the 1960s. Today, exterior siding is virtually indestructible, low-maintenance, and energy efficient. Whether you choose vinyl or wood siding for your home, you will reap many benefits from either choice.

Exterior Vinyl Siding

Mastic exterior vinyl siding is one of the most durable types of exterior siding available. In addition to the ability to sustain winds from 165 to 240mph, Mastic Vinyl Siding will not rot, flake, blister, or peel. The low gloss true wood finish guarantees your home will not have the plastic appearance that has been associated with exterior vinyl siding. Mastic also provides a lifetime limited warranty on their exterior siding. Additionally, you can coordinate your trim with Mastic’s complete selection of designer accessories.

Exterior Wood Siding

Maibec genuine wood siding is organic, solid, stable and naturally resistant to the elements. Available in a variety of colors and styles, Maibec exterior wood siding is available in seven different profile types with widths and styles for any architectural style. Contrary to popular belief, exterior wood siding does not have a lifespan and will not eventually rot. Offering a 50-year warranty against wood decay, Maibec exterior wood siding is truly exceptional. If installed and maintained properly, your Maibec wood siding will remain healthy.

Speaking of proper installation, Jancon Exteriors offers Maibec Wood Siding and Mastic Vinyl Siding and provides meticulous exterior siding installation of both products in Franklin, MA and surrounding areas. Call them at 508-520-3935 for your exterior siding installation needs. At Jancon Exteriors, communication is key and every customer has the right to 100% satisfaction – guaranteed.

Exterior Siding Repair

Perhaps you are happy with the exterior siding you have but you have noticed some holes that need repair, or a piece of siding is missing. Jancon Exteriors performs siding repairs, too! Their certified exterior contractors deliver superior repair service with the highest level of professionalism in the industry.

A few of the advantages of using Jancon Exteriors for your exterior siding repairs are:

  • Constant client communication
  • Superior workmanship
  • Repairs and replacements with cutting edge tools and equipment


Whether you are ready to purchase new exterior siding or you need exterior siding repair, Jancon Exteriors believes in “Accountability Above All”. Every customer has the right to 100% satisfaction, guaranteed for the next 25 years!