Roofing Maintenance Tips You Can Tackle This Summer

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Roofing Maintenance Tips You Can Tackle This Summer

Spring/Summer Time is for many people the best time of the year in New England. It is also a great time when you can get outside and maintain your house so it has a healthy and long life. Your roof is a part of the house that will need maintenance during its lifespan. Take the summertime to stay on top of your roof and make sure it’s in tip-top shape prior to the coming fall/winter.

Clean Gutters & Drains: 

The gutters and drains on your home serve extreme importance and directly correlate to the health of your roof. With the weather warm, this is the perfect time to clean out your gutters. This ensures that water can properly roll off your roof and into the soil beneath. With clogged gutters and drains, you are asking for your roof to leak. Keeping your gutters and drains clear all year round is essential for a healthy home.

Check For Roofing Damage: 

If your roof has suffered damage during the winter, people frequently notice it during the spring. However, there are plenty of times that the damage has yet to make an impact on the inside of the house. A simple inspection of your roof can uncover so many potential problems.

Cut Down Tree Limbs: 

Between the winter and spring months, trees can ensure all sorts of strain. This can result in limbs and branches hanging over your roof and home creating potential dangers. If you notice any branches hanging over your house, it would be best to have a professional cut them down.

Ventilation Inspection: 

Proper ventilation within your attic plays a direct roll in keeping your roof intact. If you notice that your cooling bills have been higher than previous summers, this could be because of faulty ventilation within your attic.

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