Replacing Windows FAQ

FAQ on Window Replacement

Replacing Windows FAQ

Window replacement doesn’t happen every time. It is a once-in-a-lifetime renovation project. Deciding to replace your window comes with many questions begging for answers. Of course, there are things you might not know about replacing the window. Getting someone to clear your curiosity is what you need at such moments. That is why we created this guide to assist you with what might be bothering you.

Here are helpful answers to frequently asked questions about window replacement. 

What does it mean to replace windows?

It implies mounting a custom-built window in an existing frame. A contractor measures the space and installs your preferred window style. This installation does not affect the areas surrounding the window space.

What are the available window styles?

There are stock and standard windows. In terms of styles, you will find siding, windows, awning windows, round top windows, unique shape windows, and many more. You can have your window style customized for you by contacting a manufacturer.

Can I replace windows myself?

It is better if an expert handles your window replacement projects. As simple as it may seem, window replacement requires technical know-how because it deals with measurement. You might get it wrong if you don’t have prior knowledge, rendering your effort futile.

When can I replace my windows?

Windows are replaceable under any circumstance irrespective of the season. If the existing window looks weak, you can install new ones. You can also change your current window if it doesn’t fit your home design anymore. Most homeowners replace their windows during the spring and summer.

How messy can window installation be?

When window replacement installers take up your project, they demolish a few things to get the job done. It will get a little messy, but it is essential to prepare the space for the new window. The mess won’t matter after the installation is complete.

Does it take long to replace windows?

No, it doesn’t. It can last for as short as 30 minutes, depending on the expertise of the professional installer. A project of about twenty windows will be completed in four days.

Do I need to prepare my home before the window replacement process?

It is advisable to prepare your home and the window space before the installer arrives. Ensure you have the curtains and blinds removed. Takes away the objects that could hinder the installation process. The window replacement experts will bring whatever they need to your home.

Should I be present during the process?

Yes, you need to monitor the installation process and provide the installer with whatever they need during their time in your home.

Need to Replace Your Windows?

These are a few of the frequently asked questions you should know. Is it time for you to replace your window frame? Jancon Exteriors is here to assist you with all your window replacement needs.