Renovations to Create the Perfect Living Space

Living Room Under Construction with Dry Walls and Window

Renovations to Create the Perfect Living Space

Most of us spend a significant amount of time in our homes each week, so it’s critical to design a space that reflects our personalities while also providing a relaxing environment where we can thrive in our daily tasks. When we embark on a comprehensive home remodel or even a minor makeover, there are a number of factors to consider.

Each design aspect in our home fits together like jigsaw pieces to create a cohesive whole. Interior wall color, trims, flooring, furniture, accent items, windows, doors, exterior sidings, and finishes. Even if you’re just doing one of these tasks, it’s crucial to think about them and your overall goals before you start renovating.

Continue reading if you’re interested in some of our suggestions for constructing your ideal place.

Select an exterior Color Scheme

A good rule of thumb when picking a color palette for the outside of your home is the 60-30-10 guideline. 60% of your home should be one color, 30% should be an accent to the primary color/material such as soffits, fascia, the trough in a different color, or siding in a gable end with such a different color or texture, and 10% should be a “pop” of color, or distinctive features such as a bright entrance door, or specialty light fixtures and hardware. When it comes to exterior renovations, the color palette is one of the most significant considerations.

Color Scheme for the Interior

The same concepts apply to your home’s interior. You may be certain that the final design will be pleasing if you follow the 60-30-10 formula. This isn’t to say that your area will be dull. 60% of your home should be painted in a single color, 30% should be highlighted, and 10% should be that “pop” of color. For example, 60 percent of our walls are painted a very light greige hue, 30% (maybe a little less) are painted highlights of a dark grey, and 10% are pops of blue in our freshly refurbished office and showroom.

Features and focal points:

  • Windows

Beautiful windows will bring light into your room. Features like painted inside and exterior finishes, a variety of grid options, wood-wrapped interiors, numerous glass alternatives, and more can be added to your windows.

  • Doors

A magnificent entry door will complement the home’s outside and interior.

  • Furniture

Having some great furniture items to compliment your room may go a long way toward making your living area more comfortable. Choose objects that flow together, with accents of more unusual or colorful pieces thrown in here and there.

Finishing Touches


  • Exterior Touches

The final exterior touches include shutters, railing, pillars, door hardware, light fixtures, and landscaping. Updating any or all of these objects can significantly influence the overall aesthetic of your house. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance determining what could look well on your property.

  • Interior final touches

Interior final touches include playful decorative elements like lighting, lovely art pieces, pillows and tosses, and everything else. If your central theme is neutral, switching up these items seasonally can help keep it fresh and make your room feel brand new.

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