Red Flags To Keep An Eye Out for When Looking For a Roofer

Red Flags To Keep An Eye Out for When Looking For a Roofer

When looking to get a new roof installed on your home there are a lot of factors that go into you making your decision. From reviews, professionalism, trust, and cost, there are often some people that pay attention too much to the cost without reviewing the whole picture. Unfortunately not every roofer or roofing company are created equally and there are plenty of poor companies and even scam artists out there that will steal your money. As you go through the process of looking for a new roofer, keep in mind these important red flags that could stop you from making a big mistake.

1. Contractors asking for money upfront:

This is a huge red flag if a contractor wants your entire payment upfront. We see the elderly attacked the most with this scam and then after getting paid, the contractor will never return to complete the work they have started. Do significant research on the contractor you are working with prior to paying them anything and don’t make a final payment until the whole job is complete.

2. They can’t show you their license:

Always make sure to see your contractors roofing license when they are doing work on your house. If they make an excuse of why you can’t see it, then move on to someone else who can show you proof.

3. Roofers who pop out of nowhere:

This will often occur after a big storm when someone will try and make some big bucks on people in desperate need of help. Do your research and go online to make sure the people who are working with you are local and have been established for some time. You should be able to easily find reviews, a website and plenty of other online profiles attached to their name.

4. They can’t offer references or reviews:

If you’re dealing with a roofing company and they can’t show you any references or positive reviews, there is no way you should trust them. A reliable company that has been around for years will be able to provide this information to you quickly and easily. We would recommend looking at a companies website reviews but also 3rd party review websites to get a good idea of what people think. If a company has been providing bad work for some time, the review sites will be telling.

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