Reason Why You Need To Keep Your Gutters Clean Going into Winter

Worker cleaning out gutters

Reason Why You Need To Keep Your Gutters Clean Going into Winter

The fall is the perfect time of the year to put a little extra attention onto your home. With some important tasks to get your home ready for winter we wanted to dive further into cleaning out your gutters! It feels like summer was two weeks ago but believe it or not, it’ll be December in a couple weeks. So, why do we clean our gutters out every fall?

1. Limiting area for pests:

The leaves, and twigs that build up in your gutters can be the perfect nesting area for birds, and other critters. By keeping them clean, you’re minimizing the risk of having all of these pests living right on top of your home.

2. Water damage:

Clogged up gutters mean that water wont be able to properly run off you roof and down the downspouts of your home. With nowhere to go, ice build up in inevitable and a sure guarantee way to damage your roof and lead to water leakage.

3. Limiting landscaping damage:

Another cause of water and ice not being able to drain through your downspout is that the water can spill over into various areas of your landscaping. Just another issue that you shouldn’t have to deal with.

4. Basement flooding and foundation cracking prevention:

Along with your landscaping being at risk of getting damaged, so is your foundation. Extra/unwanted water can seep into the group and cause your foundation to be damaged in result leading to flooding.

5. Extends roofs life:

The reason your roof is able to last as long as possible is from proper maintenance and timely repairs. If your roof continues to get damaged from damage, you are reducing the lifespan of your roof.

6. Peace of mind, comfort and appearance:

Knowing your home is taken care of and looking its best is the best thing you can do for your mind. Cleaning out your gutters will naturally make you feel better then letting you wonder and deal with a range of other issues.

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