Quick Easy Fixes for Drafty Windows and Doors During Winter

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Quick Easy Fixes for Drafty Windows and Doors During Winter

The long winter season is here, and it already feels like a long wait before we see the warmer weather again. Do you feel any drafts or chills in the middle of the night or when you walk past your windows and doors? Did you know that window lifespan is expected to reach 15-20 years? As window wears down over the years, air gaps are slowly created, allowing unwanted cold air and allowing heat to escape. Fortunately, we have made some quick, easy temporary fix that will keep you warm and toasty again. 


Apply weatherstripping to your windows


Most homeowners make a common mistake is not locking their windows where sashes are supposed to be pulled together. This should close any possible gaps and prevent air leaks from coming through. To secure the holes, fully apply weatherstrips to ensure no drafts can creep through. 


Don’t forget to weatherstrip your doors.


Did you know that air coming through exterior doors with as little as ⅛ inch gap around the perimeter of a door is basically the same as a small window opened halfway? 


Adding window layers


Just as you wear extra layers to keep yourself warm, a window treatment can be the same. Once the foundations are taken place, consider adding curtains or heavy drapes as additional protection for keeping the cold air from coming through your room. Keep in mind that curtains, drapes, and blinds will block out the natural light from coming through so as to maintain a heavier lifestyle.


Fill in those gaps


If you noticed you’re able to fit a fingertip into the gap next to the window, you should fill it with a gap filler immediately. Or if there are multiple gaps, it is best to either strip the caulk off and reapply around the window treatment or apply over it for temporary use and strip everything off when the weather is warmer. 


We would love to save money and use these quick, easy fixes for long-term purposes. These are only temporary recommendations. Windows are expected to lose their quality and value over time; that is why it is important to have them replaced as soon as you can. For information on saving you money with our window replacement services, get in touch with us today!