Protect Your Home With Cement Siding

Protect Your Home With Cement Siding

Being a homeowner is both exhilarating and exhausting. Once you sign that final line, you the homeowner, are responsible for all the ins and outs of maintaining the upkeep of your new purchase. It’s important to have an exterior that is both appealing and durable. Cement siding is the smart choice when it comes to making your home last longer than your mortgage.

Why Choose Cement Siding

Cement siding is an exterior siding used by professional builders to prevent foundational erosion of houses. The material consists of sand, cement, and fibers. It seals the exterior layers of a building from damage by acting as a protective layer. Builders use these on all types of buildings, from downtown commercial buildings to residential homes.

Protects Exterior Layers

The exterior layers of your home are more likely to last longer when they are protected. Cement siding acts as this protection against events such as fire and extreme weather.

The seasons wear away at the surface of buildings and homes each year. Elements such as, rain, snow, sleet, and hail cause natural materials like wood to wear down faster than cement siding. If you live in fire prone areas cement siding can acts as an additional layer of protection.

Protects The Foundation

Protecting your foundation is even more important that protecting the exterior. You are able to clearly see the weathering on the exterior of your home, but damage to your foundation is not always visible. If the foundation of your home is not protected properly it becomes subject to the elements of nature. Over time severe extremes in weather erode the foundation of your home, causing it to become less stable. Isn’t your cherished home worth preserving? Keep your foundation intact with cement siding.

Looks Like Wood

When first applied, cement siding has the resemblance of polished wood, but does not require the same upkeep. The baked on color of cement siding requires less maintenance than traditional wood siding. So not only does cement siding protect buildings, but it adds aesthetic value as well.

Choose Your Style Today

Because cement siding comes in a variety of different styles, you should choose the one that fits the needs of your home or building. It is also recommend to paint or prime your home as well. Priming is usually a less expensive option and is more visually appealing. Another option is a pre-finished version. This can be pricey but the color will last much longer.

Deciding to invest in cement siding will be the best decision you ever made for your home. It will increase the longevity of your home, protect it against unforeseen damages, keep your family and guests safe from harm, and will even look like wood after its applied! The real question is: How could you afford not to use cement siding on your home?

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