Pros & Cons of Cedar Siding

cedar siding

Pros & Cons of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is one of the more popular siding materials in New England. Beloved by so many people, there is a reason that cedar is one of the top 3 siding types that our team installs every single day. But, like any material or product that is used with someones house, there are its fair share of advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the other options on the market. So, if you’re looking into getting new siding, what are the pros and cons of choosing cedar?


Why do so many people choose cedar siding? Well…

Beautiful Appearance: The rustic, original, New England look can be mimicked by other siding options by no other material can truly match the appearance of cedar. This is one of the things that so many people love about cedar. You’d also be surprised at the various options that you can get with wood. Jancon Exteriors works with Maibec siding for their cedar and the options are endless.

Environmentally Friendly: Out of all the main siding materials, cedar has the lowest energy consumption and green house gas production. Cedar has the advantage of being a renewable resource with green being replanted and new treeing growing constantly.

Easily Painted: If you are ever interested in a new style or look for your home, cedar siding can be painted very easily making it a great option.

Durability: There is a reason that cedar is the type of wood people use to side their home. It has tremendous structural integrity and is suited for nearly any use in home construction.


Why would anyone want to choose vinyl or fiber cement to protect their home? Well…

Price: Price is the main driver for so many homeowners when making choices in their life. Cedar siding is certainly more expensive than the other siding materials that it competes against.

Differentiated Aging: While the cedar siding on your house aging can be a beautiful transition, it won’t usually age the same all across your house. This means that some areas may have water spots and other wont.

Maintenance: Many fiber cement and vinyl siding materials require less maintenance over the years in comparison to cedar wood. If you’re very hands off and don’t want to worry, fiber cement might be the best option for you.

For more information about cedar siding, vinyl siding or fiber cement siding, please feel free to reach out. Our siding team specializes in all three and is here to provide installations throughout much of Southeastern Massachusetts. We can be contacted over the phone at  (508) 520-3935 or through our online contact form.