Pros and Cons of Installing Sidings During the Winter

Winter Home Siding

Pros and Cons of Installing Sidings During the Winter

It is no surprise that winter is not the ideal season to start any new improvement projects. However, it is the best time for some people to get their sidings installed. While starting a siding project during the winter has significant concerns, it also has some benefits. We have compiled a list of major pros and cons of installing siding during the winter. Go through the article to learn whether you should start your siding project during the winter or not.


Following are the pros of getting siding installed during the winter:

  1. If the weather is relatively reasonable, it might be ideal to book a contractor because work is slow during the winters, and you can land a good contractor. During the warmer months, contractors are overburdened, so there is a greater chance that your work would be delayed and might cost more.
  2. Winters see a reduction in the demand for home renovation services therefore, you might be able to get your work done at an excellent price. So if you are the person who has delayed his sidings project due to cost, you can consider getting your work done during the winters.
  3. During the summer heat, siding expands, and this leads to a tighter fit. This can cause the siding to buckle. Late fall and early winter are ideal for getting sidings fitted due to the reduced chance of any issues later on.


Now that we have discussed the significant pros of a winter installation, let’s also take a look at some of the winter installation’s cons.

  1. Colder weather makes installation frustrating because the higher the cold, the easier it would be for the siding to crack. If you put the sidings when the temperature is below 40 degrees, you run the risk of buckling or cracking sidings. It is not a rule of thumb, and a perfect installation is perfect given the weather is not extremely cold.
  2. The entire installation process can be lengthened if the weather is extremely bad. If there is heavy snowfall in your area, you should expect the contractor to have delays due to slower movement and reduced efficiency.


Now that we have discussed the significant pros and cons of winter installation, the discussion is yours to make. If you are comfortable with winter installation, you should go for it, provided the weather is not too bad. Contact Jancon Exteriors when you are ready!