Preparing Your Roof For Heavy Rain

top view of roofing

Preparing Your Roof For Heavy Rain

Too much heavy rain can damage a roof. The exposure to moisture can cause mold to form and wear out the shingles. To protect your roof, you need to ensure that it’s in proper shape to withstand heavy rain spells. Our professional roofing Franklin MA can keep your roof in good shape so that it doesn’t absorb excess water that can lead to costly damage. Should you choose to perform a DIY inspection, the following are some steps you should watch out for.

The gutter is an integral part of the home that needs to be inspected to ensure that water doesn’t collect on the rooftop. Check gutter entry ways and clear it of any obstructions, such as leaves, dirt, and other debris. Also be sure to inspect the scupper; this is the part of the drain located at the edge of the roof. If the roof has windows or skylights, be sure to clear debris around its weep holes. If your roof has shingles, inspect the individual tiles for cracking or any pieces partially jutting out.

While performing a visual check, scan for signs of water damage. This includes any part of the roof that appears sunken and causing water puddles to form. Since this isn’t visible from ground level, you either have to get up on the roof or contact professional roofing Franklin MA contractors to perform the checkup. An inspector can check for signs of damage that can be easily missed by the untrained eye. This includes wrinkled membranes, loose seams and flashings, and missing ballast. The inspector will give you a full report and a diagnosis of any repairs that need to be done.

As the property owner, it is imperative that you contact professional roofing Franklin MA for annual inspections especially if your location is prone to heavy rain spells and wind gusts. A roof that is not maintained will prematurely wear and potentially cause a collapse in the worst case scenario.