Out With The Old, In With The Savings

Homeowner Upgrades Exterior Doors And Replaces Deck To Boost Aesthetics

  • Replaced doors that were in poor condition
  • Discovered deck was not up to code and needed replacement
  • Saved on energy costs
  • Improved the look of the home

Meet Andrew Kepple

When Andrew Kepple bought his home in 2013, he noticed that the front door and the door leading from the kitchen to the deck were in bad shape. Due to their condition, they were also causing a significant amount of energy loss. The doors created a draft and let heat escape during colder months. After spending a year in the home, he decided it was time for a change.

Opportunity Knocks

A quick Internet search for doors in Franklin MA led Mr. Kepple to Jancon Exteriors. He chose not to research any other businesses and asked for an estimate for the job. The staff from Jancon Exteriors gave him a quote, which he accepted to get the project rolling.

Going Above And Beyond

The front door was replaced with ease, but the crew found that the deck and stairs by the kitchen door were not up to code. The deck came up too high, leaving no room for the door to swing open, especially in winter when snow is on the ground. Beyond that, the deck and stairs were in poor condition. Before the kitchen door could be replaced, the deck and stairs would need to be replaced as well. Jancon Exteriors gave Mr. Kepple a quote for the work, which he decided to delay until the summer of 2015.

After getting quotes from several other contractors, Mr. Kepple chose to work with Jancon Exteriors for the deck and stairs replacement. He said he enjoyed working with the company, finding the staff eager to please and extremely friendly. He also said the pricing was reasonable. Most importantly, Mr. Kepple is thrilled with his new doors and deck.

About Jancon Exteriors

Jancon Exteriors proudly offers top-of-the-line products that come with some of the industry’s best warranties. The company never uses subcontractors and grants every customer access to the owner.

Guild Quality Service Excellence Award

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