Window Replacement Walpole MA

Is It Time To Replace Your Old Windows?

The windows in your home allow you to enjoy the landscaping on your property while letting in natural light throughout the day. Although you may realize that you need to make window replacement in Walpole MA a priority every few years, you may not know exactly when the right time is to replace your windows.

Telltale Signs

There are several signs that indicate it’s a good idea to replace the windows in your home. These include some of the following:

  • You notice that your windows are extremely drafty and that it’s hard to keep them from letting cool or warm air into your home. If you aren’t sure if your windows are drafty, put your hand up to one of them and pay attention to if it feels extremely cold or warm.
  • The wood frames that surround your windows have become extremely cracked or warped in certain places.
  • One of your windows doesn’t open because it was accidentally painted shut or because there’s problems with its frame. This can also occur if the sash on one of your windows has started to wear out.
  • You notice that condensation or fog has started to accumulate within the inner glass. This generally occurs when the seal between two panes of glass in one of your windows starts to weaken.

Another sign that indicates it’s time for window replacement in Walpole MA is when you notice that your utility bills are higher than they should be. To determine this, pull out a few statements from your utility company from the past two or three years and compare what your heating or cooling usage is like during comparable time periods.

Let A Professional Do The Job

As you get ready to replace the windows in your home, make sure that you let a professional do the job. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also likely save you from hassle and frustration later on. Remember, window replacement in Walpole MA is one do-it-yourself project that is better left in the hands of a professional.

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