Roofing Contractor Franklin MA

Three Signs You Need A New Roof

A roof a critical part of your home’s infrastructure. One that is beyond its useful life can cause major problems, and waiting until it fully deteriorates may ultimately cost significantly more money. Talking with a roofing contractor in Franklin MA is great way to help determine the condition of your roof.

General Appearance

Sometimes it is obvious if a roof needs to be replaced. Curled, cracked or missing shingles are telltale signs. Another indicator is water leaking into your attic or through the ceiling when it rains. If you can see sunlight through the roof boards, you have a problem.


Most roofs last 20 – 30 years. When your roof is approaching this age, it is a good idea to meet with a roofing contractor in Franklin MA to assess the situation. Shingle type, climate and improper ventilation can also contribute to the deterioration of a roof. If your roof was installed directly over the last roof, instead of having it removed, you may find you to need to replace it more quickly.

If your neighbors’ homes are roughly the same age as yours, and they are starting to replace their roofs, it can be an indication you should do it too. Speaking with a roofing professional will help give you a sense of how much life is left, and let you know if you need to begin to budget for a high-quality roof rather than learning you need to replace it immediately and sacrificing durability for cost.

Severe Weather

Severe weather is one of the primary causes of roof damage. Hail is particularly destructive and certain parts of the country are much more susceptible. Strong winds can damage shingles and even rip them totally off a roof. Constant sun exposure wears down a roof over time and will crack shingles.

These are three signs you should speak to a roofing contractor in Franklin MA. Being vigilant about the condition of your roof can save your headaches down the road.