Four Signs You Need New Windows

New Windows Mansfield MA

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if you need new windows in Mansfield MA, and sometimes it is obvious. Being on the look-out for certain tell-tale signs can help you make the best decision for your home.

They Are Falling Apart

If your windows are literally falling apart due it’s time to invest in new ones. Rotting wood, in particular, can lead to the rapid deterioration of your windows. The technology has considerably advanced in recent years and properly installed vinyl windows are practically indestructible. They are virtually maintenance free and you will never have to worry about rotting wood or peeling paint.

Your Drapes And Furniture Are Fading

Old windows are not as effective at blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If the glass is dated, it may cause the drapes, furniture upholstery and even artwork in your home to lose color over time. All these household items are expensive, and you want to try to keep them looking nice in order to get your money’s worth.

They Have Single Pane Glass

Homes with single pane glass can typically benefit from new windows in Mansfield MA. It is not uncommon for older homes to have this type of glass, which has greatly reduced energy efficiency. Homeowners with single pane glass windows may have higher utility bills. In winter and summer, it is easier for heat and air-conditioning to escape, and your HVAC will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. If you have single pane glass, your house may be draftier and noticeable colder near the windows when the weather is cooler. Vinyl window glass can help prevent this.

You Have Storm Windows

If you have storm windows you need to remove and reinstall them every summer and winter. This task can be laborious, particularly if your home has more than one story. Vinyl windows don’t require storm windows.

These are only four of many signs you may need new windows in Mansfield MA. A window company representative can help you further evaluate their condition.

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