New Roof Contractor Franklin MA

5 Signs You Need A New Roof

Replacing a roof can be expensive, but it’s worth every dollar to give your home the protection it needs. Don’t put off the inevitable or opt for a partial roof replacement in an effort to save money. You’ll save more money in the long run if you select a reputable roof contractor in Franklin, MA and invest in total roof replacement if your roof has one or more of these symptoms.

  1. Buckling
    Look at your roof. If you notice that shingles are curled or buckled, that means that the shingles are past their prime and it’s time to replace the roof.
  2. Valleys
    Depending on your roofline, you may have roof valleys. These areas are a very important part of the roof because that’s how rain and snow travel to the gutters. If shingles are missing or buckled in this area that means that the roof is more susceptible to leaking.
  3. Missing
    When you look at your roof, you shouldn’t notice any missing shingles. If you do, that’s another sign that the roof needs to be replaced and that you need to contact a new roof contractor in Franklin, MA.
  4. Granules
    You can also check your gutters for signs that your roof needs to be replaced. If your gutters are loaded with shingle granules, they’re probably old. Shingles lose more granules as they get more and more aged.
  5. Daylight
    You can also see signs that you need a new roof by going in your attic. If you notice daylight coming through the roof boards or moisture in the insulation, you need to seriously consider replacing your roof.

The roof is an integral part of a house. It’s also an expensive part. You don’t want to replace it if you don’t have to, but you also don’t want to wait until something goes terribly wrong. Talk to a new roof contractor in Franklin, MA today to get an estimate on replacing your old, drab roof.