Nailing Down Deck Installation

Nailing Down Deck Installation

Imagine you are relaxing on your deck, spending quality time with family and friends, grilling out, mingling, and enjoying beautiful weather. Nature, all by itself, has set a beautiful scene. The only problem with this scenario is that you do not have a deck. So, you decide to have one installed. Now you need to find an outstanding deck installation service exterior contractor.


Choosing an Exterior Contractor

This is the most important step you will make in the deck installation service process. Don’t just pick up the newspaper and hire the first ad that reads, “Deck Builder.” You want a reputable contractor who will stand by his proposal and stand behind his and his employees work. Sure, by hiring the person from Craig’s List, you may cut costs but you will also be sacrificing quality thereby reducing the longevity of your deck. Cutting corners is the last thing you want to do when adding a deck to your home. A contractor with certified, trained professionals is the best decision you can make to install your deck.Jancon Exteriors in Franklin, Massachusetts is an award-winning exterior contracting company whose philosophy is ‘Accountability Above All.” If you are seeking deck installation services or deck repair services in Massachusetts, look no further. Jancon Exteriors provides professional and even specialized service to their customers.

Material Matters

Wood is the traditional choice for decking boards but, in the long run, it is probably not the best choice. Down the road, you will be facing cleaning, refinishing, and replacing deck boards. Composite/PVC decking is the route to take if you would like your deck to last without putting a small fortune into it later. AZEK Deck Boards are engineered to withstand and resist everyday things that may happen on a deck. The cup of red punch a child spilled will not stain AZEK Deck Boards. Sliding the furniture across it will not scratch it. For three years in a row, AZEK Deck earned the top spot in the category of “Quality” in BUILDER Magazine surpassing all other brands in the Composite/PVC Decking Category. Jancon Exteriors and AZEK Decks provide MA homeowners with the very best, low-maintenance, durable, and long-lasting decks.

Communication is Key

It is imperative that there is an open line of communication between you and the contractor before, during, and after your deck installation or deck repair. You are a paying customer and that gives you the right to ask any question at any time. With trained and certified installers, any Jancon installer working on your deck installation or deck repair will be able to answer any questions you may have. At Jancon Exteriors, they keep you informed every step of the way. Your project manager coordinates everything and is responsible and accountable for your deck installation or deck repair for the life of the project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will be presented with a proposal from Jancon Exteriors for your deck installation service. Every detail of this proposal will be discussed with you. No empty promises, no hidden clauses, and no fine print. Everything they know about your deck installation, you know. Now, this is HUGE – not only does Jancon Exteriors provide comprehensive product warranties, they guarantee your deck installation for 25 years! Let’s put that in perspective. Pretend you have a newborn baby while your deck is being installed. He or she will be out of college and your deck installation service will still be guaranteed. That is definitely an investment worth making.

If you are considering deck installation services or are in need of deck repair service in Franklin, MA and surrounding areas, call Jancon Exteriors at 508-520-3935. Small enough to listen. Large enough to deliver.