Myth Vs Reality: How summer weather affects siding

Myth Vs Reality: How summer weather affects siding

The summer period is known for its excessive heat and can affect your home’s siding, especially if you have installed the vinyl siding. The vinyl siding is susceptible to extreme weather, so winter or short summer periods may affect the vinyl sides. 


That being said, we will be looking at how summer weather affects siding, the myths, and the truth.


Myth: Never re-side a house in a dark color because it will quickly fade with the UV light


Reality: This is false and a myth. Sure sides are known to fade out quickly, but it is not tied down to the dark side. Do enough research on this. research has also shown that using a darker color among the LP-smart finish siding palette offers excellent fade resistance.


Myth: high humidity causes the siding to swell and absorb water


Reality: this is subjective, as depending on the sidings, not all sidings swell and absorb water. It is advisable to choose dependable sidings materials that can weather moisture, humidity, and extreme weather. You can consult a professional if you cannot differentiate more about the sidings, their strength, and their weakness.


Myth: Paint warranties are limited to two years for dark colors


Reality: Not all siding manufacturers apply the same warranties. The majority of painting issues happen within the first three years. Manufacturers of siding offer up to 15 years of security, while others offer up to 2 years of their contract. So, therefore, you should do research when picking a siding.


Myth: the sun can melt the siding.


Reality: the sun primarily affects the dark vinyl siding. The vinyl siding reacts badly to sunlight and heat. Vinyl sidings are very sensitive to extreme weather, so winter or summer periods may affect the vinyl sides. The best way to use this is to purchase other types of siding from reputable manufacturers.


Myth: hot weather makes the sides brittles 


Reality: high heath may cause the siding material to expand, just like material contracts in wintertime. Hot weather may cause the fabric to become very weak and prone to damages. To deal with this issue, you can research products with more resistance to harsh weather and are durable. 



Most of the myths about siding come from their fear that they are made from materials that are not durable. The statement is subjective, as there are factors, such as climate conditions, the manufacturer, the specification, and how the sidings are handled. We can say that while there may be some element of truth in the myths, they are primarily exaggerated or false. You should consult technicians when dealing with sidings to verify the information and find out about products.