Make a Statement with Your Entrance

Brown Front Entrance Door and Porch

Make a Statement with Your Entrance

Our homes depend heavily on the doors and entrance systems that allow or restrict access. Doors are a necessity, but they don’t have to be boring! Sometimes we take them for granted. Entrance systems have the chance to give a home or building real curb appeal, which can make a statement about the exterior. Doors protect us from the shifting environment and make a significant contribution to a home’s overall value and appearance.

Every year, Jancon Exteriors sells hundreds of entry doors. We have the knowledge to identify a door that complements your house, your preferences, and your way of life.

The following are some of the most notable entrance system trends we have observed this year:

Darker and more Striking Hues

The colors that homeowners choose for their doors are incredibly eye-catching. They want their door to be noticeable from the street and improve the appearance of their homes as a whole. We’re seeing a lot of dark greys, black, bright reds, and deep browns among other colors.

Unique Designs

We’ve had the honor of working with homeowners who genuinely wanted to give their homes a distinctive look and do something no one else has. A front entrance door is a place where homeowners can really show off their personality, and we love assisting in the realization of dreams and ideas. Homeowners can really create stunning entrances they can’t wait to come home to, from everything to paint color, door hardware, entrance lighting, and more.

Modern Glass and Frames

Modern, sleek designs are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Simple and straight lines are starting to appear more frequently, and door manufacturers are providing more of these options.

Fiberglass Doorways

Since, they require less maintenance and are more energy-efficient than wood doors, fiberglass doors have become more popular than in previous years. Additionally, painted smooth finish fiberglass systems appear to be more popular than before among homeowners.

Extra Natural Lighting

The addition of more glass to entry doors is one way for homeowners to increase the amount of natural light that enters their homes. Specialty door glass has the power to improve a room’s interior appearance in addition to its exterior appeal.

We are certain to have entry doors that match your style, the style of your home, and your privacy requirements thanks to our wide range of options. If you want to revamp the appearance of your front door but aren’t sure where to begin, we’d be delighted to assist you!

Call us right away to learn how we can transform your door into a stunning entrance that will make you proud to return home!