Is Your Roof Ready for Spring?

House in daylight with Trees and bushes around

Is Your Roof Ready for Spring?

Spring is here, and you know what that means: home maintenance. Any homeowner knows that as the weather gets warmer, the home maintenance projects start to stack up. The roof is one of the most important areas of your home to focus on in the spring. While your roof may not be the most exciting area of the house, it is one of the most practical and vital to comfortable living!

Keep your roof in good condition with these springtime tips.

Gutter Cleaning

While your gutters aren’t technically your roof, they do play a big part in the health of your roof. When rainwater runs off the roof and into your gutters, it should be carried to the downspout and taken a safe distance from your home’s foundation. If the gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, they won’t be able to move that water properly. This can lead to water backup on the roof and improper draining around your home’s foundation when the gutters overflow.

Gutter cleaning can be a DIY project, but not every homeowner is ready to climb a ladder and spend hours properly cleaning the gutter system.

Trim the Trees

Overgrown trees pose a risk to your roof for several reasons. Trees that hang over your roof will lead to clogged gutters more quickly as leaves and small sticks fall off. The tree can also drop more giant sticks and limbs onto your roof, potentially damaging the shingles. Trees should be trimmed so no limbs or sticks hang over the roof. If you don’t have experience cutting trees, leaving this job to the professionals is best. The last thing you want to do is get injured or cause damage to your home from improper trimming techniques!

Inspect Inside and Out

You can learn a lot about your roof by looking at it. That may sound obvious, but when did you last look at your roof closely? During your spring cleaning, take a detour to inspect your roof inside and out. Head to your attic to look at the inside of your roof. If you can see any sunlight coming through the attic ceiling or notice any signs of a water leak, take note of the area and contact a roofing contractor immediately. Inspecting the outside of the roof is a bit harder. To do a thorough inspection, you have to walk on the roof to look for cracked, curling, missing, or otherwise damaged shingles.

It’s easy to mess up a roof inspection as the average homeowner. If you want to be 100% confident in the inspection results, hire a roofing contractor to do it for you.

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