Information You Need About Roof Repair

Information You Need About Roof Repair

When your roof needs repair, it’s time to decide whether or not to fix just the trouble spots or go for broke and replace the whole thing. There are a few things to keep in mind when you need a partial or full roof replacement. Check with a local roofing contractor in Walpole, Massachusetts to see what sort of fixes your roof needs.

What to Know About Roof Repair:


Know Your Roof Material

Different roofing materials require different amounts of care and repair. It’s important to know what kind of shingles you have, but don’t get risky with that ladder and try to walk on the roof yourself. Let a contractor inspect your roof for damage, and identify your shingles. It might surprise you to know that some shingles can look like they’re made of wood but are really asphalt.

Check Inside and Out

Seeing the damage yourself, when done safely, is a good way to keep informed about your roof. You can do this in two stages: inside and out. From the inside, you can check your attic for leaks or pinpricks of light. These are definite trouble spots that need attention. From the outside, you can circle your house and look for dips, bumps, and discolorations. But don’t climb onto your roof. Leave that to an experienced roofing contractor in Walpole, Massachusetts.

The Good News About Bad News

If you do find out your roof needs to be replaced, there’s good news. Choosing the type of new roof is easy because asphalt shingles are far and above any other kind of material. An asphalt roof is designed to withstand temperature extremes, and many such shingles have been tested in high-wind conditions. In addition to weather protection, asphalt shingles are made to resist fire with national ratings and standards.

Keeping a roof over your head is important, so don’t skimp on yours. Be informed about your roof, its materials and its general condition. When looking for a roofing contractor in Walpole, Massachusetts, make sure to choose an ally in your roof repair who will keep you involved in the decision-making process from beginning to end.