moss growing on old asphalt roof

How to tell that it’s time for a new roof?

Winter can cause a lot of issues to a roof that is on the brink of failing!

Knowing when it’s time to replace a roof can be a large problem, especially if you’re the new owner of an old house. If you replace it too soon, you wind up wasting valuable money. If you wait too long, the roof will fail, and it will no longer be a choice of if you should replace the roof but when.

That’s why knowing when it’s time to call a contractor for a roof replacement is an important home ownership skill that all of us need to know.

In this blog post, we will show you what to look out for in order to make sure you replace your roof at exactly the right time. When we have finished, you will have a good idea when to phone the contractors and when it can wait a little longer.

Check Your Shingles

Sometimes, you will notice that the ends of your shingles are curling up. The shingle tabs could also be cupped. This is the result of water damage, and is one of the signs that your roof definitely needs to be replaced.

At this point, it won’t help to nail the shingles back down. You might run the risk of breaking them. Simply replace the roof.

Bald Spots

Are there a lot of granules missing from your roof? If so, it’s time to replace the decking. The bald spots mean that shingles on your roof deck are exposed. The granules serve a protective function. Without them, the shingles in the bald spots may begin to rot.

How Old is Your Roof?

If your roof is over twenty years old, it’s probably time to replace it. Though modern shingles are built to be durable, there are still a lot of factors that can accelerate the aging process. For example, a roof that isn’t properly vented can spell an early death for your shingles.

Keep an Eye on the Neighborhood

If your neighbors are getting new roofs, it may be time to replace. After all, their homes were likely built around the same time as yours. Furthermore, they have endured the same weather conditions, meaning they are likely to be nearing the end of their useful life at the same time.


That’s right. Moss can grow on your roof deck, especially if you live in a moist area without much sun. Though it won’t damage your shingles, it isn’t very nice-looking, and if you can afford a new roof at that point, it’s a good idea.

Roof replacement is a tricky prospect. However, there are warning signs you should look out for. If you keep them in mind, you will know exactly when you need to put that new roof on your to-do list.