How to Stop Your Roof From Leaking

leak in ceiling

How to Stop Your Roof From Leaking

As your roof ages, various parts of it will start to break down. Keeping up with maintenance allows the entire roof to stay in working order until eventually it’s time for a new installation. Leaking, which is the most common roofing issue that people may have need to be handled quickly and efficiently. If not dealt with early on then a small issue can become a much larger one. Water leaking into your home will cause wood rot, along with mildew and mold growth.

Leaks are not always noticeable so you need to be aware and diligent in your roof care. To prevent your roof from leaking in the future, here are some tips to prevent your roof from leaking.

  • Professional Roofing Inspection: The best way to accurately figure out what is causing a leak in your house is to get a roofing contractor to check it out. If a leak has yet to occur, then still hiring a contractor to do a routine inspection will be important as your roofs materials age.
  • Replace Missing or Damaged Pieces: If you see or if your roofer finds that any piece of your roof is either missing or damaged they need to be replaced right away. While you may see that your roof is working fine now with a damaged piece, that wont be the case for much longer.
  • Keep Trees & Plants Away From The Roof: A roof will break down naturally over time from the help of mother nature, but there are some things that you can do in order to keep it safer. The tree branches that hang over your roof create a cause for concern for your roof. Trimming away all foliage atleast 5 feet from your roof will keep it safe if/when the branches brake off.

Hiring a contractor to inspect your roof, repairing and replacing your roof at the earliest sign of trouble and clearing away debris will all keep your roof from leaking in the future. It will prevent costly, timely, and annoying issues in the future and it will allow for your roof to last longer.

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