How to Remove Snow Off Your Roof

How to Remove Snow Off Your Roof

When a snowstorm rolls in, all you can do is trust that your preparation will limit headaches and prevent damage, brace yourself and wait for the cleanup. Your roof will take a battering, and you may have to remove the snow from your roof. Do you have any idea how to do that properly? It’s not just about the correct tool and technique, but about safety as well. Snowy conditions are a challenge in general, and often, a game plan is needed to tackle some tough snow tasks. Snow removal from a roof is one such task. Let’s attempt to give you some key pointers on how to remove snow off your roof. 


Consider Safety Before You Begin

Planning is always the perfect start to any project, and it’s no different when shoveling snow from your roof. Safety is the most significant consideration when planning, and precautions should be taken to prevent injuries of any kind. There are dozens of injuries annually that result from shoveling snow from roofs, from falls to heart attacks. Deaths have also been reported. Performing strenuous activities in the cold, especially when extreme temperatures, is risky and should be avoided. Be mindful of electric power lines overhead and their proximity to your roof to prevent electrocution. If this type of work isn’t for you, get the help of a professional snow remover.


Choose The Right Tools

Having the proper snow removal tools is key to successfully completing the task. The most common tool used to remove snow from roofs is a snow rake, and it’s a cost-efficient and effective snow removal solution. Removing snow from your roof is a good way to prevent the formation of ice dams and limit the impact of snow loading. Older type snow rakes typically involve a “pulling” motion to remove snow, but newer types, like SnowPeeler, boast cutting frames that make it easy to cut through the snow, which run down the vinyl slide attachment. A rake with quick-add pole extensions would allow you to the far-reaching upper portion of your roof.


Know When to Begin Clearing Roof

When exactly should you start removing the snow from your roof? Snow weight is an indication of both depth and density, and when snow accumulation reaches 12 inches or more, it’s time to start the removal process. If you begin removing the snow when it’s a foot away, it will minimize the risk of stress on your roof. If you wait until the snow accumulation is deep, it could be difficult to remove, even with premium snow removal tools.


Clear House’s Perimeter

Before you begin removing the snow from your roof, ensure that the perimeter around your home is clear of any obstruction. You want to have a stable footing while using the snow rake, and you can trample down the snow using a snowblower or walk on the snow to pack it down. 


Put Snow Rake Together

Your snow removal tool should be assembled and ready to go. Attach all the pieces, and don’t forget to have the pole extensions close by. It’s best to follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual when assembling the snow and do well to read the instructions clearly before you begin. Most modern now rakes can be assembled in minutes without any headache. Head and handle assembly are typical and the process typically involves aligning braces and inserting bolts. Add adequate pole extensions to reach 6-10 feet of snow to begin with. SnowPeeler is a good example of a snow rake that enables the user to effectively remove snow either working from the ground level or at the peak of the roof.


Clear Snow From Roof

Carefully place your ladder firmly on the ground and let someone know you’re be working on the roof and ask them to periodically check on you. Ensure that a path is cleared across the roofline and to the peak. Use a safety harness to secure yourself to the roof before you begin working. If using a SnowPeeler, the slide must hang over the gutter or lower eave. Add the necessary number of extensions to reach certain areas of the roof. Drag the cutting frames on the tool towards you in a lateral motion and repeat the motion until the snow is cleared from your roof. 


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