How to Fix a Drafty Door

Man Fixing an Entry Door

How to Fix a Drafty Door

Have you ever felt that unwelcome chill sneaking through your door? Not only does it lead to higher energy bills, but it can also make your home feel less cozy. The good news? Identifying and fixing that draft is easier than you think! Jancon Exteriors is here to share some DIY tips to help you conquer that draft and make your home snug and efficient.


Tools Needed to Fix a Draft Door

Materials Required:

  •       Draft stopper or weatherstripping tape
  •       A door sweep or bottom seal
  •       Caulk or sealant
  •       Screwdriver
  •       Measuring tape
  •       Utility knife
  •       Sandpaper (optional)
  •       Drill (if adding a door sweep)


Apply Weatherstripping Tape

Gaps around a door frame may be effectively sealed using weatherstripping tape. 

Method: Determine the required amount of tape for sealing the gaps around the door frame, then measure the determined quantity.

The door frame must be clean for proper adherence, where you can firmly push the tape into place to seal the holes and voids. 

Put in a Door Sweep

Sealing the space between the floor and the threshold is the primary function of a door sweep. If the sweep on your door needs replacing, you may take it off with a screwdriver. The replacement door sweep must be trimmed to fit your specific door size. Door sweeps may be installed with screws or the included clips at the base of the door.

Fill and Caulk All Obvious Holes

Caulk or sealant may fill and smooth out gaps or cracks in the door frame or where the edge meets the wall. First, make sure the caulking area is dry and clean. Then, draw a caulk line along the split or hole and use your finger or a caulking tool to smooth the caulk and ensure it has a good seal.

Test the Door

Check the door’s draftiness after making these changes and closing the gaps. If you still feel draughts, relight your candle and move it around the door frame to identify where the draft comes from.

What if Nothing Works?

If the draft continues after these procedures, you may need to take more drastic action, such as replacing the door or fixing the damaged parts. Jancon Exteriors is happy to help and evaluate the door to see if it needs to be replaced. If you can seal that drafty entry door, you can make your house more pleasant and energy efficient, all while saving money on your utility bills!