Has Your Exterior Trim Become An Eyesore?

Has Your Exterior Trim Become An Eyesore?

Over the years, your house’s exterior trim deals with a lot: rain, ice, salt, etc. Eventually, the paint will begin to chip, and the wood will start to rot. When this occurs, it is time to call the experts in trim replacement in Walpole, MA. Don’t let your old trim devalue your home.

Besides being unsightly, rotting trim can also be hazardous. As the wood decays, moisture is able to collect in the window and door frames, leading to mold growth and further rot. If this happens, you will end up with a much costlier window and door replacement. You also risk facing potential health hazards if mold spores are present. Finally, inadequate trim leads to significant energy loss, which will increase your utility spending.

If you notice your home becoming draftier, your exterior trim may be the culprit. As the wood decays, openings are formed around your windows and doors, allowing air to pass through. While other issues may be at hand, a good starting point is to check the condition of your trim. Periodically inspect all door and window frames for signs that you may need trim replacement in Walpole, MA.

One of the most noticeable signs of rotting trim is cracked or bubbling paint. This is a sign that air and moisture are getting to the wood and that decay has begun. If this is the case, repainting may slow down the process, but replacement will eventually be inevitable.

Finally, most people do not realize how much energy loss is caused by inadequate trim. If your windows or doors are not properly sealed, your heating and cooling system has to work that much harder to compensate for the lost energy. Investing in trim replacement in Walpole, MA can save you hundreds every year in increased energy efficiency.

Don’t ride out another season with insufficient trim. Contact your local exterior contractors to get an estimate on replacement trim.