Hardie Plank Siding Contractor in Bellingham, MA

Are you looking to replace the Hardie plank siding on your house in Bellingham, MA? The siding is an important part of your house, and you want it to stand out. However, it’s a very difficult job, and it’s always best to hire an honest and reliable contractor. Here are some of the things you should look for.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of finding the best plank siding contractor. You want to make sure they understand your vision and that there’s always someone in charge. Someone who can answer your questions and clear your doubts. Furthermore, you want to make sure they have insurance and offer a warranty.


Why Hardie Plank Siding?

Hardie plank siding is one of the best-selling in America. It’s made of durable fiber cement, impervious to all types of harsh weather. Not only that, you can choose from a primed or baked ColorPlus finish to make sure your investment will last. James Hardie Siding wants to ensure the quality of its product, which is evident in its installation process. Thus, choose a Hardie plank siding contractor and rest assured as James Hardie himself is keeping up with them and making sure they’re installing it properly and doing quality work overall. Perhaps you don’t know this, but they send out third-party surveys to review the quality of the contractor. You want to find one with at least a 99% approval rating.


Types of Siding

Hardie plank siding comes in a large variety of options. You can opt for the classic lap siding, but if you want to spruce things a little, the shingle siding might be the best option. This is because this product mimics the look of wooden shingles and doesn’t need costly maintenance. As we mentioned above, they’re made of durable cement and can resist rotting, curling, warping, and splitting.


The panel sidings are another great option if you want a more modern look. The Hardie plank siding contractor near you should have a catalog of all the types of siding they offer. Furthermore, they should offer a full proposal before any work begins to ensure you’re getting just what you want.


Remember that a good contractor should be highly experienced and dedicated to their craft. Furthermore, their work should always be certified and insured. A good contractor should ensure that the siding will be in good shape for at least 25 years. As we said above, communication is important, so call around and follow your gut instincts. Hiring the right Hardie plank siding contractor will help you ensure the quality you deserve and long-lasting results. For more information about Jancon Exteriors services, get in touch today!