Five Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Five Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

When making home improvements, sometimes the last thing we think to check is the roof. Homeowners sometimes wait until there is a leak, a droop, or curling shingles before ever checking the shape of their roof. This is never a good idea when it comes to protecting your biggest investment – your home. Here are five signs you may need a new roof or roof repair :

  1. How old is your home? If it is 20 years old or more, it is highly likely your roof needs repaired or replaced. Weather has an effect on roofing whether it be snow and ice or severe heat.
  2. In your attic, take a flashlight and look at the underside of the roof deck and rafters for any stains or wet spots indicating water leaks.
  3. You can see sunlight from your attic. If light can get in, so can wind, rain, and snow. This can be indicative of an active leak.
  4. Your gutters have shingles granules. Shingles that are losing most of their granules are very likely at the end of their useful life. Granules help keep the sun off the asphalt. When the granules fall off, shingles start to bake, and the quality can deteriorate in a hurry.
  5. Cracked, curled, and/or missing shingles. These are typically signs of wind damage and weathering.

Repair Or Replace?

There are several deciding factors when it comes to making the decision to repair or replace your roof. For example, how big is the leak? How old is the roof? How many shingles are curling? Will repairing the roof meet fire code regulations? With so many factors involved, only a professional, experienced roofer can determine whether your roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. At Jancon Exteriors, we are committed to advising you on the best decision for your roofing needs. As the number one new-roof contractor in Franklin, Massachusetts, we understand that replacing vs. repairing a roof is a big decision. One of our experienced roofing contractors will assess every aspect of your roof and present you with the best option for your home. At Jancon Exteriors, we also understand how to work with insurance companies to make sure you get the right roof within the coverage of your homeowner’s policy.

Whether you need roof repairs or roof replacement, Jancon Exteriors uses only the very best materials. Owen’s Corning™ Roofing Shingles undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet industry standards and certifications for roofing in Franklin, MA and surrounding areas. Rest assured that Owens Corning commitment to quality is of the highest importance. Jancon Exteriors also offers CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles which are one of the most popular types of shingles that new-roofing contractors in Franklin, MA choose. Asphalt roofing shingles are the most commonly used covering on residential properties in the market. The primary purpose of asphalt in roofing shingles is to serve as a waterproofing agent. Asphalt also holds the granules in place and adds to the overall strength of the roofing shingle. CertainTeed offers different types of shingles such as: Strip Asphalt Roofing Shingles, CertainTeed Dimensional Shingles, and CertainTeed Premium (Luxury) Shingles. With CertainTeed shingles, the appearance of your roof can range from dimensional to two-toned, any of which will enhance the appearance of your home.

Protect The Roof Over Your Head

Inevitably, all roofs will need to repaired or replaced. If you are facing this situation or if need someone to inspect your roof in Franklin, MA or surrounding areas, please call Jancon Exteriors at 508-520-3935. We would be honored to be your roofing specialist and help with any of your roofing needs.