Fiber Cement: The Modern Siding Technology That’s Gaining Ground In The Northeast

Fiber Cement: The Modern Siding Technology That’s Gaining Ground In The Northeast

Designed to mimic masonry or wood and engineered to wear like concrete, fiber cement siding in Franklin MA is quickly becoming a popular option for homeowners looking for durable siding alternatives. From summer heat and humidity to frigid winter weather, this hardwearing material outperforms many of the current options for modern home exteriors.

Engineering That Covers All the Bases

When choosing the right siding, most remodelers are looking to get just the right balance between aesthetics, maintenance requirements, durability, and affordability. Unfortunately, many of the current options available (e.g. wood, stone, vinyl and brick) only hit one or two of these marks. Wood warps and is prone to rot, stone and brick are heavy and often prohibitively expensive, and vinyl offers minimal insulation and protection from water damage. By contrast, fiber cement provides a resilient mix of sand, cement and wood pulp specifically engineered to deliver an exterior resistant to fire, rot, extreme temperatures, and even insect invasions: all with minimal upkeep and at a fraction of the cost of many other building materials.

Siding Built to Withstand Massachusetts Weather

With all of its benefits, it’s hardly surprising that fiber cement siding in Franklin MA has become a popular option. While this unique material was only developed 25 years ago, today almost 15 percent of new homes use it in construction, and it’s even been used in a number of historical restorations. In northern climates, fiber cement resists becoming brittle during even the deepest cold spells–even when temperatures cycle through several freeze-thaw periods. Additionally, this siding can handle intense UV rays with minimal fading, high humidity without warping, salt air without corrosion, and with proper installation, can withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

Preparing for Winter Storms to Come

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current siding or would like to find the perfect material for a new construction project, this is the perfect time to install fiber cement siding in Franklin MA.