Disadvantages of Hiring A Company that Uses Subcontractors

Disadvantages of Hiring A Company that Uses Subcontractors

At Jancon Exteriors, everyone that works on our customers homes work directly for Jancon Exteriors. That means, no subcontractors. We know everything about our workers, because the people installing new siding or roofing on our customers homes must be up to par!

There are so many companies throughout the country that don’t have inhouse guys. They simply subcontract for jobs and that can often get iffy. But why? Here are some of the disadvantages of choosing a company that subcontracts their work.

  1. They Aren’t Held As Accountable: A subcontractor could be installing products for a range of different companies. This means that if they slip up and don’t do something right for you, they have a ton of jobs that will be coming their way anyway. At Jancon Exteriors, we review all the work that our contractors do and they are held to high standards.
  2. You Don’t Know Exactly What You Are Getting: There are certainly quality issues when it comes to subcontractors. The quality of work that a company expects may vary depending which subcontracting crew is chosen to work on a job. You could read great reviews online but if a company just hired a new subcontracting crew for your job, you could be getting completely different results.
  3. Delays: Because the subcontracting crew doesn’t work directly with the company you hired, there can often be a disconnect between meeting expectations. This can lead to throwing off completion time days and can it can mean contractors are at your house longer than you expected.

The bottom line here is that choosing a company with in-house craftsman is always better. From communication to the overall quality of your work, if you have a choice, choose a company that never subcontracts!

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