Common Issues with Roof Flashing

Roof Flashing

Common Issues with Roof Flashing

Bad flashing causes many issues to the roofs and should not be ignored, or you will have to face more significant and more serious problems in the future. Having a strong roof is very important for the house’s structural integrity. There are several common issues with roof flashing and why these issues occur depends on various reasons. Here we will take a look at some of the most common problems with roof flashing, so without any further delays, let’s get started:

1.    Membrane Shrinkage

With time, dimensional shortening in the roof membrane can lead to shrinkage. As shrinkage occurs, extra pressure is created on the flashing and roof seams. Since this shortening has no solution, the seams and flashing will eventually burst, causing significant problems. With flashing no longer protecting the roof of the building, water has an easy time getting entry to the building and causing more issues. You shouldn’t wait if this happens and immediately call a roofing expert to fix the problem.

2.    Poor Repair Jobs

Timely and regular inspection and maintenance are crucial for any roof, but unfortunately, not every contractor has the expertise to do the job as required. A poor repair job can cause billowing and leakage issues, which occurs when the flashing disconnects from the main structure and gets more damaged with high wind. Even worse, a poor repair job can completely blow the roof. If you have recently hired someone to work on your roof and now you are running into some issues, it might result from a poor repair job.

3.    Age

Like most other things in life, roof flashing is not made to last forever. Changes in temperature, weather conditions, and other environmental factors take a toll on the roof flashing and cause warping. As the building settles, the flashing can also bend, and rust can also cause significant damage. If the flashing has aged, you can be almost certain that the roof has aged and might need replacement.

4.    Weather

As previously discussed, the weather has a huge impact on the roof’s flashing. With heavy rainfall and scorching heat in the summer, the flashing is bound to incur some major damage and can lead to damage.

If you think your roof flashing needs inspection and you are unsure who to call, you are in the right place. With years of experience and a team of skilled experts, we will ensure that your roof is taken care of. Just get in touch with us today and let us take care of the rest.