Common Causes Why Your Roof is Leaking

Common Causes Why Your Roof is Leaking

Every commercial or residential property owner knows that your roof has to go through many challenges, from the heavy Spring rain to unpredictable Fall storms. But nothing compares to the Winter, where snow can refreeze from below temperature and, if not properly installed, can cause damages to your roof. Jancon Exteriors has written common causes that may be the reason your roof is leaking and tackle it. 

Roof Leak Due to Broken Shingles

Step outside of your property and see if there are any visible cracks from your roof. The broken shingles are caused by high wind and heavy rain. In Winter, this will be more difficult to protect as the cold temperature can put additional stress on the roof foundation and will eventually cause leaking. 

Roof Leak Due Build Up Ice Dams

An Ice Dam is essentially a block of ice that is formed from snow freezing up from the water running down to the lower edge of your roof. There are two issues here; one, ice dams building up which is very dangerous for anyone who is walking underneath, and two, as ice dam builds up, water is backed up and trapped under roof shingles and underlayment which can disrupt the roof foundation in many ways causing a headache to fix.

Roof Leak Caused by Gutters

Gutters need to be maintained in order to last for decades. We highly recommend having your gutters cleaned out twice a year, especially just before Winter, because leaves can get clogged up, which backs up water into the roof and creep in any cracks or holes you may have on the roof.

Roof Leak From Cracked Chimney 

Cracks in chimneys occur because the freezing temperature or harsh weather breaks the mortar overtime forcing the compressed mixture of water, sand, and cement to break and lose its joints. 


Jancon Exteriors firmly believes that investment in your home should never be taken lightly. Delaying or trying to cut corners could cause more damage to your home than anticipated. If you fear you may have signs of roof leaks, allow us to investigate and identify any problems early. Call us for a free estimate!