CertainTeed Siding

When it comes to enhancing your home’s exterior, CertainTeed Vinyl Siding remains at the top of both homeowners’ and contractors’ lists. CertainTeed offers the perfect blend of form and function, durability, workmanship, and low-maintenance features. Our CertainTeed vinyl siding services are tailored to make sure top-of-the-line installation, maintenance, and repair services are rendered to your siding needs so that your home may exude beauty while it is protected from the elements.

Why Choose CertainTeed Vinyl Siding?


Durability and Long Life

CertainTeed vinyl Siding is engineered to resist harsh weather conditions like strong winds, hail, and extreme temperatures. It doesn’t warp, crack, and rot, hence safeguarding your home for years. Great materials used in CertainTeed siding also have resistance to fading, and your home will thus maintain its great look over time.


Low Maintenance

One of the top benefits of CertainTeed vinyl siding is low maintenance. While wood siding has to be painted and sealed frequently, vinyl siding needs only the periodic washing to appear like new again. This high degree of low maintenance enables you to enjoy a beautiful exterior without all the upkeep.

Aesthetic Appeal

CertainTeed provides you the freedom to choose from among many styles, colors, and textures that will add personal taste and appearance to your home. You can bring an exterior look into your home in an array of vibrant colors yet subtly appealing hues.


Energy Efficiency

CertainTeed vinyl siding will also improve the energy efficiency of your home with their insulated siding. Less heat will escape during the colder winter months, and in the summer it will help to keep you cooler, which reduces energy bills and improves the comfort level inside any home.


Our CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Services


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  • Professional Installation
  • Maintenance Services
  • Repair Services
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  • Competitive Pricing

Why Jancon Exteriors Can Assist

Choosing Jancon Exteriors for your CertainTeed siding services means you chose a leader in the industry whom you can trust. Our company delivers end-to-end solutions to properly tailor your needs and treat your project with care and class. With attention to detail, high-quality materials, and competitive pricing, Jancon Exteriors is committed to delivering outstanding results that will raise the beauty and value of your home. Let us be your guide in bringing the expertise, dependability, and quality service you expect from your vinyl siding installation. Contact Jancon Exteriors today to begin the process for an attractive, durable exterior CertainTeed Vinyl Siding can offer your home.