moss growing on old asphalt roof

Typical Myths About Roof Maintenance

Recent advances in roofing technology have led to roofs that are safer, more energy efficient, and even cheaper than older roofs. However, even the most cutting-edge roof is susceptible to...

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Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

We've talked about looking out for signs that it's time for a new roof but we wanted to share with homeowners some of the benefits that they'll receive from having...

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How to Spot Roof Storm Damage

Has it not rained since the storm this past weekend? You’re probably thinking that your roof is smiling right now, but the truth is that it could still be damaged....

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large house in snow

Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

While in New England it may not feel like it, but winter is honestly right around the corner. We are a little over a month away from December and that...

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