How to Spot Roof Storm Damage

Has it not rained since the storm this past weekend? You’re probably thinking that your roof is smiling right now, but the truth is that it could still be damaged....

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large house in snow

Snow Removal in Franklin & Eastern Mass Towns

Located in Franklin, Massachusetts, Jancon Exteriors provides homeowners with experienced snow removal specialists to keep your family safe each coming winter! Protect your home with our help! We offer efficient and...

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cedar siding

Why is Cedar Wood Great For Siding?

As a homeowner, you have a wide variety of siding options at your fingertips. At Jancon Exteriors we have sifted through all the options out there by providing three materials and three manufacturers...

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House's Exterior During Fall

Exterior Fall Maintenance Tips

Is it too early to start thinking about fall? While you may not want to hear this, there are less than 4 weeks left until children head back to school...

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leak in ceiling

How to Stop Your Roof From Leaking

As your roof ages, various parts of it will start to break down. Keeping up with maintenance allows the entire roof to stay in working order until eventually it's time...

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