Breathing New Life Into An Old House

New Roofing, Bracing And Windows Help Man Salvage Dilapidated 1920’S Home With Speed And Style

New Roofing, Bracing And Windows Help Man Salvage Dilapidated 1920’S Home With Speed And Style

  • Restored structural integrity
  • Enhanced exterior appearance
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Added square footage with usable attic
  • Boosted value of home

Record-Setting Winter Leaves Home In Shambles

Brian Kourtz already knew he had problems five years ago when he moved into his Franklin home, built in 1925. One side of the house was two inches out of plumb, and the roof and windows had already surpassed their expected lifetimes. The old fixtures looked bad and performed even worse, letting in outdoor weather and noise. When last year’s record-setting New England winter left Brian with a significant ice dam and ensuing water damage, he knew he had to intervene.

Choosing Contractors

Aware that his project was no easy task, Brian was looking for a contractor who was prepared to take on the entire scope of the project. He was also searching for a contractor who could do the job quickly without causing major disruptions. After calling three different companies based on referrals, Brian chose Jancon Exteriors for their affordable estimate and capacity to handle everything in a timely, minimally intrusive manner.

Overcoming Obstacles

When our contractors began work on Brian’s home, they encountered extensive roof rot as well as carpenter ants and termites. These challenges normally would have delayed the process significantly, but we were able enlist the help of a local lumberyard and exterminator to resolve both issues swiftly. In fact, thanks to the quick work of contractors Brad and Doug rebuilding the shell of the house, the entire project was completed one week ahead of schedule.

“The issues that were discovered did not slow down the project and were dealt with in the most professional manner possible,” says Mr. Kourtz “It is impossible to single any one individual out as they all worked as an incredible team.” Mr. Kourtz is extremely satisfied with his new foundation, roof, windows and usable attic space. In fact, his house is now the talk of the town.

About Jancon Exteriors

Jancon Exteriors is a local, Franklin-based business offering the most comprehensive contracting services at the most reasonable prices with service that can’t be beat.

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